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This Is Who We Are

Collage with models in reworked and vintage clothes around a Pop Sick logo

Here at Pop Sick our mission is to save fashion gems from the jaws of oblivion by resurrecting them as rad vintage & reworked clothes.

Nothing goes to waste here. If it’s broken, we fix it. If it’s dirty, we clean it. If it has fallen apart, we save what is usable to create something new. Our rework game is strong with techniques like tie-dyeing, bleaching, painting, printing, cropping and total makeovers. You name it, we’ll do it. Our rework formula is simple: 100% vintage + some serious creativity + a healthy dose of Pop Sick love <3

Pop Sick is the lovechild of Kriszta (the creative mastermind/painter/photographer) and Peter (the IT whiz/musician/writer). When we are not busy with conjuring the Pop Sick vibe, we are chillin’ in our garden with our two cats, Mr Van der Waals and Mrs Thatcher. We’re vintage-crazy and proud of it, living in a 300-year-old house in a small town near Budapest (Hungary), and haven’t bought a single new garment in the last 8 years.

Photo about the owners of Pop Sick Vintage

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