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7 ways Mary Quant was a fashion revolutionary

The post-war 1950s was a period of awakening and liberation. Change was in the air, the era transformed people’s lives – and wardrobes. No one represented this atmosphere of radical youth and rebellious fun more than Mary Quant and the swinging London scene.

How to Nail the Twin Peaks Look

Although David Lynch’s classic show from the 90s had a long break on TV, it feels like its foggy mountains and even foggier mysteries never actually went away. The hauntingly beautiful and equally bizarre detective show had an enduring impact on fashion collections, but what about your wardrobe?

Let’s kill fast fashion before it kills us!

We are often kept in the dark about the true costs of the products that we buy, but this cannot be said anymore about fast fashion clothing. You do not see the pollution and exploitation behind fast fashion only if you do not want to see it.