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2019 AW colour guide to get that true vintage aesthetic

Vintage colour guide

You do not need to horde fast-fashion clothes to follow current trends and colours. Fashion designers are always looking with one eye to the past when they are creating their new designs. So, who says you can’t do the same! Follow today’s newest fashion trends – but buy your trendy garments in your local vintage shop. We collected some fab vintage outfits in the AW colours of this year’s catwalk to inspire you, here we go!

How to go thrifting – Best tips from a vintage shop owner

How to go thrifting

We already know that the most sustainable is if we do not buy new stuff all the time, so take good care of your closet. But in case you still need to buy clothes, the best is to avoid fast fashion crap and go on a vintage treasure hunt! I know, I know it is not easy to abandon H&M and co., and the mysterious universe of vintage shops can be scary at first. No worries, we collected for you a couple of cool tips, follow them and I guarantee that you will go home with bags full of vintage treasures!