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7 autumn-winter trends to follow for ethical vintage shoppers

If you thought that you had to choose between being an ethical shopper and following the latest fashion trends then you are wrong! There are more and more people who abandon fast fashion and discover ethical vintage as a great alternative. Follow our vintage outfit ideas and get your a/w trend tips on how to look fantastic without selling your soul to the evil goddess of fast fashion.




You can’t go wrong with these easy-to-style fashion-beauties. Suits can be styled up for a party with block-heeled boots or styled down paired with chunky sneakers and a band tee. Choose basic black, bossy pinstriped, millennial purple or pale beige like Ella does.




Flared trousers are back again. They were here in the 70s, then ruled the late 90s and they are now in every vintage shopper’s heart again. There are a thousand ways to style vintage bellbottoms as they look great with literally any kind of jacket or coat.




Tie-dye trend is HUGE right now. Your feed was full of it all summer and, believe me, it is not going anywhere. The good news is that nothing is easier than finding tie-dyed vintage babes. We at Pop Sick over-dye tons of stuff to bring back to life slightly discoloured but otherwise perfect items. Go and take a look at our reworked clothing selection.




The uglier, the better. It’s getting cold, so it’s time to get those ugly granny jumpers from your wardrobe. You do not need to be a Twin Peaks character anymore to pull off the ugly sweater look. These jumpers might be ugly from the outside, but they are comfy from the inside. Moreover, they are the perfect match for a denim jacket or dungaree.




A minimalist approach means focusing on the essential, what really matters. We already talked about seasonal capsule wardrobes which gives you a limited set of clothes. Items in a minimalist wardrobe are often monocoloured and simple, but it doesn’t mean that they are boring! A minimalist wardrobe will motivate you to creatively combine items and add accessories – instead of hoarding fast fashion clothes.




Acid house fashion moved out of the warehouses to the streets. Its outrageous and rebellious style is a great trend in the vintage aesthetics of this fall. You can turn any clothes into a mesmerising acid outfit, just add a yellow acid smiley. It will transform your clothes and make you part of the ethical, reworked vintage trend.




Plaid is must-have for fall. So, if you have no clothes in your wardrobe that has the classic tartan pattern, that’s a problem! No worries, go on a thrifting hunt to get a plaid skirt or a pair of trousers from the nearest second-hand shop or from our online vintage shop. We guarantee that you will look chic and feel proud for following sustainable fashion trends.