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Vintage outfit ideas for fall 2022

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As fall is upon us and temperatures are dropping, it is getting harder and harder to resist the temptation to fill up your wardrobe by buying tons of new clothes in the nearby mall. We have ALL been there, no point denying it. Sadly, there’s no point denying global warming either. You can even see the fashion industry responding to the climate crisis — Vogue has featured Greta Thunberg on its cover and advises people to be aware of the greenwashing lies of famous fast fashion brands.

We at Pop Sick are sick of these dirty, manipulative techniques that try to hide & deny the environmental impact of fast fashion products. The best is to avoid these shops and focus on putting together awesome vintage outfits this fall. If you completely avoid the fast fashion monsters, there’s no way they can trick you into buying something that you will regret later. 

I know it’s always easier to preach about switching to vintage outfits than actually doing it. And it’s absolutely natural that as the leaves start to fall and the evenings are getting chilly, you need something new for your wardrobe, an item that will bring your style to the next level, inspiration for a new aesthetics even. This is why we have brought you cool ideas on how to style vintage outfits this fall, here we go!

Vintage trench coat

The ultimate must-have item for fall

The great thing about trench coats is that they can be combined with practically anything. Moreover, this is really one of those rare items that has not changed a lot throughout the decades, so there’s absolutely no need for you to buy another one. The planet could really do without another newly manufactured item and the further exploitation of our limited resources.

You’re welcome planet!

Discover your local thrift shops or look for vintage clothing online shops and the hunt can begin! Thrift shopping can feel like a daunting task at first sight, no worries, we got you covered, check out our tips on how to go thrifting.  

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Y2K vintage leather jackets

The piece that will make any of your vintage outfits look rad af

Leather jackets, like trench coats, are similarly versatile and can be a good fit for many vintage outfits. You will look snatched if you wear it as part of an elegant skirt + blouse combo, but also if you mix it with a casual jeans + T-shirt outfit as leather jackets have the power to create mesmerising & gorgeous outfits. If you still need more reasons to go for vintage leather, here you go:

1) 1 new leather jacket = 1 murdered animal sacrificed on the altar of fashion

2) 1 new leather item in your wardrobe = horror for your wallet

3) Vegan leather = made of PLASTIC which is also pretty bad for the animal kingdom and the planet in general.  

That’s all, if these reasons did not convince you that vintage leather is the best alternative for the planet (both for its animal kingdom and for your piggy-bank), then check out these cool vintage leather jacket outfits, they will speak for themselves:

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Vintage blazers

Another superfab basic item which has many-many different styles is the vintage blazer, so you will definitely find a type and cut that will suit your vintage aesthetic, be it a vintage item from the 90s like a slim-fit jacket or one with wide-shouldered oversized style from the 80s. The latter one is totally trending now, it looks crazy good combined with a cycling pants+jumper or a jeans+crop top combo. And if you have set your heart on getting a crop blazer, don’t run to the nearest fast fashion shop, many vintage online shops also offer reworked clothes. For instance, we have plenty of cropped vintage blazers in our Pop Sick treasure trove, waiting for their new owner!

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Vintage knit vests

Good news, vintage knit vests are still in vogue this fall! And you do not have to be a grandma or have advanced knitting skills to adopt it for your fall vintage aesthetics, as they can be found in abundance in thrift shops or online vintage shops. There are two types which seem to be the top choice at the moment: the oversized, grandpa vest which goes great with similarly oversized male shirts. And the second fave vest of this season is a Y2K vintage outfit item, the slim-fit knit waistcoat which is best combined with tight blouses or just a baby tee or top.

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The vintage outfit for the chic and stylish

Luckily, the term ‘girlboss’ is now only an embarrassing memory from the past, boss has no gender. Despite this or maybe exactly because of it, suits remain a must-have vintage outfit for women and really for everyone who wishes to be chic and stylish. Don’t worry if you feel you don’t know how to style vintage suits, we’re here to give you some easy tips. Beware that suit skirts in the 90s tended to be of lame lengths (bleeeh), but you can just do some alterations to your vintage skirt and it will quickly become the core item of your hot vintage aesthetic outfits.

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Denim layering

The ultimate Y2K vintage outfit

Denim — the more, the merrier — time for some denim+denim combo vintage outfit ideas. Remember though that the 90s vintage grunge denim is disappearing: say goodbye to mom jeans, the bright new world of Y2K vintage wide-leg and bell-bottom jeans has arrived. Oversized denim jackets are also going out of fashion, go instead for denim shackets. You can make your outfit less monotonous by using different shades of denims or reworked bleach-washed jeans.

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These are our top fall vintage outfit tips. If you want to know more about how to style vintage outfits and which vintage aesthetic is trending now, check out our complete guide to vintage aesthetics!