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Meet A sustainable closet and start your very own sustainable closet journey

Collage with text "73% of the clothes produced globally ends up in landfill"

Our dream is that one day sustainable fashion can leave behind “sustainable” and will become simply “fashion”.

It might take some time for this to happen, but luckily there are many who are committed to making this dream come true and are busy with showing that fashion can totally be BFFs with sustainability. And there can be always more of us!
This is why A sustainable closet is so damn inspiring – a sustainable fashion platform sharing sustainable fashion stories to guide and inspire you, me, everyone who has a passion for fashion & sustainability. Browsing their site will give you everything you need to start your own sustainable closet journey, so, hop on!

Collage with the three team members of 'A Sustainable Closet'

Meet the team: Isabelle, Hanna & Sophie

First of all, we talked about this a lot, but it needs to be emphasised again and again just how polluting fast fashion is for our world. So here it is again: The global fashion industry has a higher carbon impact than the airline and shipping industry combined!” – A sustainable closet gives you all the shocking facts, but, more importantly, it offers solutions.

Their message is loud and clear, the key is to remember: we can change how we live and it WILL make a difference.

Their platform also features a superb glossary, so they got you covered if you feel like Alice down the rabbit hole in the world of sustainable fashion and were wondering what greenwashing or upcycling means.

Collage with text "The global fashion industry has a higher carbon impact than the airline and shipping industry combined"

Without a doubt, however, the most inspiring part of the platform are the stories, interviews, and blogs. Based in Sweden, A sustainable closet is focusing on Scandinavia but they share stories from all over the world about vintage and sustainable fashion – people, brands, stores and change-makers – pick one and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of sustainable fashion influencers. Learn more about the change that needs to happen in the fashion industry and get cool tips from influencers on how to create a more sustainable closet.

Their sustainable fashion blog also has plenty of great content highlighting the benefits of buying second-hand clothing and why vintage is the best choice to start building your sustainable closet.

A sustainable closet gives you real insights into current trends of sustainable vintage fashion, and, by inspiring a more sustainable way of seeing and purchasing fashion, they give me faith that sustainability can truly redefine fashion as we know it.

Collage with text "Twice as many uses per garment life-cycle eliminated almost 50% of climate impact"