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Gallery of Awesome – Your Vintage Outfit Ideas


If someone will ask us what we were doing during the pandemic, we’ll be happy to reply: isolation outfit challenge, what else. We came up with this idea to get you out of your PJs (don’t deny) and spark your creativity while kept within the same four walls.


We have been blown away by the breath-taking outfits that you have submitted for the challenge, so, it’s fair to say, that you guys NAILED it! There is some serious talent out there and not just in terms of choosing that perfect 2000s fashion item, but we were also impressed by your funny-lovely vintage outfit ideas and sense of humour.


You have no idea how incredibly difficult it was to choose the best one, all of you deserved a prize, but sadly there could be only one winner.


Still, we really appreciate your time and energy that you put into creating those stunning outfits. Soo, instead of lame participation trophies, we offer you this gallery of isolation outfits by yours truly as our way to say thank you. Hopefully, you had as much fun as we did!


We are truly happy that our vintage shop is part of a growing global community that is committed to vintage, ethical and sustainable fashion. It is also amazing to see that more and more people reject fast fashion and its destructive practices that are killin’ us and our planet.


We believe that second-hand and reworked clothes are not simply alternatives to fast fashion, they can enrich your life in unique ways and give you a chance to let go of your creative powers every single day. As our isolation outfit challenge showed, all you have to do is dress up!


Parts of the world are now opening up, so, some of you can now return to your fave vintage shops and go thrifting while keeping a safe distance from fellow vintage treasure hunters. If you still must or prefer to stay home but are dying to get hold of some vintage clothes, check out our reworked vintage sale!